Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature Viv AI assistant

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Samsung is going to include Viv Lab technology in its next Galaxy S8 smartphone. The company found the Viv Lab technology during last month. It’s fresh format was Siri.

Samsung is intending to include Viv into their Galaxy smartphones. Also they expect to expand the ‘Voice Assistant’ technology into household equipment and portable smart devices.

Although the company has never revealed the features of their upcoming smartphone. The mobile will be released before in April 2017. The vice President of the Samsung revealed that though the company didn’t do a thing in their own way, the agent will be smarter, when it is added new features. And further he revealed that the agent will learn more new services in order to comfort the customers.

Developing a particular Artificial intelligence associate inside the company’s a variety of brands hands Samsung an important advantage around its challenger Apple. Once the significant recollect of Samsung’s leading smartphone, Galaxy Note 7. The company will probably be counting seriously over the Galaxy S8 to attract its buyers.

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