Deleting Apps don’t help to save iPhone battery life

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You can permanently stop If you still delete all unwanted apps in order to save your iPhone battery life.

Craig Federighi in the Apple denied the process of getting rid of most of the Apps save your battery life. The chief of the Apple further revealed that he isn’t used to cancel all of his apps to prevent low battery status of his iPhone   myths on saving iPhone battery level

The same answer displays even in the Apple’s support division. It says that It’s unnecessary to shut down an app unless it pauses or unresponsive.

Recently, An Apple customer has asked from CEO Tim Cook If he really has the habit of uninstalling most of the Apps in order to save the i phone battery. Tim’s answer was very short and simple. He said “No…no…”. The conversation went through via e mails.

Majority of iPhone users have complained, the apps that appear in the multi-functional view while pressing the home button twice don’t perform regularly on the screen. Social media applications such as Facebook also cause instant decrease of iPhone battery level.

Check your app settings regularly, specially in the apps which track your location. Because, the apps that use location consume a good number of your battery level. Furthermore, cancel the screen restoring applications which you aren’t much interested.

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