Another Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Burst while Charging

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One more SIf you thought you have been accomplished hearing about Samsung and it is spontaneously combusting gadgets, reconsider. It’s not only for the Galaxy note 7 that is having problems. It is the Galaxy S7 Edge, also. Apparently, that’s something common in the world of Samsung.

Depending on a recent statement from mobile world, one more Galaxy S7 Benefit telephone has caught flame, now whilst simply being responsible for an OEM charger. The most up-to-date occurrence was documented by a US citizen who holds a high position in USA government. When the anonymous provider reported, a buyer stumbled on the store just 14 days soon after receiving his new S7 edge, which as good luck would have it, had been a replacement for the Galaxy Take note 7. Even though recharging the cell phone immediately employing an OEM charger, the property owner reported the cellphone broken into fire.

Unfortunately, this is not a weaved story line for Galaxy S7 Edge. Last month, an additional phone customer sued the Korean mobile phone manufacturer when his personal handset grabbed on flame as part of his pants pocket. This left him with a number of 2nd and next-level burns up. An identical occurrence happened several days earlier from the Philippines, whereupon about three occurrences absolutely isn’t a great track record, it could still be
slightly quick to accuse the S7 Edge of staying equally as malfunctioning a the ill-fated Galaxy Edge 7. Samsung has not commented on the newest burning up smartphone, and we’re nonetheless waiting around over a conventional analysis to discover the actual of the event.Then,provided that the S7 Edge has been around for upwards of 6 months. We probably needn’t be concerned about a wide-spread scenario of spontaneously combusting handsets.

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